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Eros Oyster Farm

This summer, we added Eros Oyster Farm as one of our tour partners.  Eros is a working Oyster Farm, and has been around for 6 years now.  Mike, and his son Mark work the farm, producing some of Maine's most succulent oysters.  When we visit Eros, we have three options.  We can simply tie up and purchase some oysters to take with you.   Or we can slurp some right at the picnic table.  Try your hand at opening an oyster (be careful!), or let Captain Dave open them for you.  After slurping, you get to toss your shells into the ever growing oyster midden beside the table!  Feel free to bring your own sauces and beverages to accompany your oysters.

Eros also offers a tour of the farm.  The tour lasts 90 minutes, and shows you every aspect of growing oysters.  At the end of the tour you still get to enjoy some delicious oysters.  If you want to take the tour, you have to let us know ahead of time so that we can set it up.

A trip to Eros Oyster Farm includes a boat ride to Eros through the Kennebec and Sasanoa Rivers, and then the return trip to Richmond.  Along the way we'll see seals, eagles, ospreys, Bath Iron Works, and working lobster boats.  We might even sneak into the Sheepscot River and visit Five Islands, a small fishing village.  The tour lasts about three hours.  We normally take up to 4 people.  Cost is $500, plus the tour and any oysters you eat!

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