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     For wildlife photography, I recommend a minimum of a 300mm lens.  For birds on our trip, we normally see Eagles, Osprey,  Terns (Common and Arctic), Cormorants, Great Blue Herons, Seagulls, Eider Ducks, Yellowlegs, and the occasional Loon and Snowy Egret.  We will also see Gray and Harbor Seals, and maybe a Hooded Seal or Harp Seal. 


Possible lighthouses on our trip will include Doubling Point Light, the Doubling Point Range Lights, Squirrel Point Light, Perkins Island Light, Pond Island Light, Sequin Island Light, Hendricks Head Light, Cuckolds Light, Burnt Island Light, and Ram Island Light.  Some of these (Seguin, Cuckolds, Ram Island) are weather dependent, as they are in open water.  We can actually visit the lighthouses at Perkins Island and Burnt Island, as they have a dock, and we can also dock at Fort Popham.

We can visit the towns of Bath, Wiscasset, Five Islands, Southport, and Boothbay Harbor, and if you want, we can stop for lunch at the Kennebec Tavern in Bath, The Osprey in Georgetown, Spinneys in Popham, Five Islands Lobster, or my favorite waterfront restaurant, Robinson’s Wharf, located amidst the lobster boats on the Townsend Gut in Boothbay.

And let’s not forget the lobster boats!  As a young man, I spent some time on a commercial fishing boat out of Boothbay Harbor, so I am always drawn to photograph Maine’s lobster boats.  We can even sit close by while the lobstermen (and women) haul their traps.  You can watch as they pull the traps, measure the lobster, cull their “shorts”, rebait the traps, and send them back to the bottom.  You can even add an out of focus lighthouse in the background if you’re lucky!

If you are interested in seeing or photographing certain things- lighthouses, birds, lobster boats, etc., let me know and we can concentrate on the things that are on the top of your list!  There is simply too much to see in a four hour trip!

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